Red Bull India – Testimonials

Red Bull India – Testimonials 500 500 ftenxadmin

“The production was well planned, the team brought a terrific visual flair and were quick to problem solve.”

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Toyota/Al-Futtaim – Testimonials

Toyota/Al-Futtaim – Testimonials 500 500 ftenxadmin

“With minimal supervision, FTEN delivered unparalleled quality for content that is going to stay on for years to come on and I couldn’t be happier about the outcome.”

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New Zealand Trade and Enterprise – Testimonials

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise – Testimonials 500 500 ftenxadmin

“No challenge was insurmountable, whether unrealistic turnaround times, impossible shoot locations, difficult cast or budget constraints”

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Vice US – Testimonials

Vice US – Testimonials 500 500 ftenxadmin

“Can not say enough about their ability to think outside the box and get the job done.”

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Abu Dhabi Motors/BMW and Rolls-Royce – Testimonials

Abu Dhabi Motors/BMW and Rolls-Royce – Testimonials 500 500 ftenxadmin

“Produced great content for our brand events.”

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Warrior Academy – Testimonials

Warrior Academy – Testimonials 500 500 ftenxadmin

“The whole team are a pleasure to work with, highly creative, and every project feels personal to the crew who are involved.”

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Dubai Tourism -Testimonials

Dubai Tourism -Testimonials 500 500 ftenxadmin

“Dependable, friendly, agile, and quality delivery.”

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Arabian Adventures -Testimonials

Arabian Adventures -Testimonials 500 500 ftenxadmin

“Most professional and dynamic production team I have ever worked with!”

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Memac Ogilvy -Testimonials

Memac Ogilvy -Testimonials 500 500 ftenxadmin

“Truly one of the best companies to work with!”

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